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The abundance of information collected online has increased by 487% in the last 2 years. The type of information being collected is increasingly sensitive and as such the onlookers who participate in the flurry of illegal collection, use and selling of this information has also skyrocketed. So how do you keep your business safe from cyber attacks? Miss handling of private information? Or the increasing risk of fines resulting from a breach in data security?

  • A2C Simple Assessments™
  • Users take an easy online self assessment to identify vulnerabilities in how data is currently collected, stored and shared within your organization. 
  • A2C Policies and Procedures™
  • Following the completion of the self assessment the A2C platform will provide you with the necessary templates to completely satisfy the requirement of published policies and procedures
  • A2C Training and Testing™
  • Users and stakeholders within your operation will be offered initial and ongoing online training as well as online testing to ensure that all personnel are properly informed and compliant within their roles and responsibilities. 
  • A2C Vendor Assessment™
  • Extending vendor self assessments to your vendors will ensure you are closing the loop on third party compliance relating to the passing of information collected by your company for the purpose of them selling or providing product or service.
  • Implement, Adjust, & Repeat
  • Once all the risk is identified, the policies are written and in place, your personnel are trained and your vendors are complying with your policies; the journey is only beginning.  The ever changing nature of the regulations and the likely pivots in your business, will have you adjusting, re-writing, training and testing as part or your overall compliance strategy.