Protecting Your Business & Your Customers
Through People, Products & Processes... We Eliminate Risk Within Your Digital Infrastructure..

Accelerate2Compliance (A2C) was founded to help small and medium sized businesses protect themselves from the
risks associated with cyber security attacks, personal information leaks and non-compliance. We leverage a
combination of talented, knowledgeable people; robust, scalable and reliable products documented, proven,
 industry specific processes; to provide our clients with peace of mind when it comes to the collection, storage and
distribution of sensitive information.

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Accelerate2Compliance was founded by industry veterans across the IT Services sector.

The escalating severity of cyber attacks, the increased compliance surrounding the collection
and storage of personal information, the ever changing and complex world relating to web
 browsing, tracking through the use of cookies, tags and pixels has left the most sophisticated
  enterprises vulnerable costly liability and business interruptions.

"We saw an opportunity to help exposed industries identify risk, establish policies and 
implement technology that quite often is the difference between staying in business or not".... 
Greg Pfleider. CEO, A2C

Who We Are
A2C is a technology, process management and trusted advisor in the IT risk and mitigation industry. We provide technology, policies, and best practices to help companies identify digital risk within their enterprise; such as personal information collection & storage, payment and settlement data, digital communications as well as employee compliance.

Our platform enables users to quickly asses risk across all facets of their business, including the collection of customer information, the storage of sensitive IP, and compliance surrounding the use of information.

The system provides clients a report card on exposure & vulnerabilities as well as provides remedies such as written policies and technology recommendation to mitigate and or eliminate the liability associated with the the risk.
Our Vision
We help our clients stay in business, focus on servicing their customers by tackling a growing problem in today's digital world. The opportunity to educate, and impose change in a proactive implementation provides peace of mind to operators and business owners that they are doing the right things to keep sensitive information safe and free from the risk of cyber theft and attacks.

Meet The Team
Greg Pfleider
Howard Latham
Tony Haux